Our caregivers are our most important asset

Professional, quality care in the comfort of your own home.

A wonderful team of multi-skilled caregivers

All our professional caregivers are selected for their kindness, common sense, competence, compassion and patience along with a sense of humour.

We have an exceptional team of adept caregivers, some of whose backgrounds include overseas nursing experience and trainee nursing in Auckland and around New Zealand.

Our skilled, compassionate team care for varied clients and needs, including the elderly, convalescence, post-operative, and palliative clients across the Auckland region.

"Thank you for the great service you provided... we would not have survived without your expertise in placing the right people to help care for Graeme."
Jeanette & Rachel C.
"Thank you for your professional service. Tanya is delightful and most perceptive, quickly being aware of what is required. My mother really enjoyed her company."
Elaine R.
“Our whole family has greatly appreciated the professional care and support from your team. Your collected expertise and compassion has helped to ensure his wellbeing. A very big thank you.”
Continuity of care

We believe strongly in the value of continuity of care. By matching our caregivers to the individual client and ensuring they work with that client as often as possible, it naturally builds strong and trusting relationships.

Non-medical duties and care

While our caregivers are adaptable, versatile and willing to carry out a number of duties, they are not qualified to undertake general nursing duties and may not administer restricted drugs.

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