Let's talk about aged care


We don’t talk enough about aged care.

We talk about lots of other aspects of life, well in advance (weddings, the decision to have children, holidays, buying a house etc), but we don’t talk about what we want to do when we cannot live at home without some support.I don’t know anyone who has a plan for when they age and what they want to do when they are older. They don’t know their choices and what to tell their family.

Because you have a CHOICE. The most obvious one is retirement village living because that’s what we hear about the most and is often chosen for a variety of very personal reasons. Homecare, especially private homecare, has a bit of a hill to climb as we aren’t as well-known and we often work on word-of-mouth as we are in people’s homes, and trust is a huge part of our industry. Trusting someone to come into your home and provide exceptional service to allow someone to stay at home and retain their independence. Someone who has made the choice to stay at home.

No one should feel like they must take an option they aren’t very happy with and be rushed to make that decision. The next time you’re talking to an older family member, ask them what they would like to do when they age and if they want to stay at home, give me a call to discuss their options so you can plan.


Talking about aged care plans

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